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AIDS is rea and has no cure. Stick to a single sex partner, use a condom or abstain from sex

Transmission of HIV/AIDS virus can happen by:
Sharing sharp instruments such as razor blades, injection needles, barbing clippers, etc.
Transfusion of infected blood.
Sexual intercourse with an infected person without protection.
An infected mother to her child during birth.
Protect yourself from HIV/AIDS through:
Sterilization of objects such as razor blades, clippers, syringes, etc before using them.
Ensuring that blood is properly screened for HIV before accepting it.
Abstinence from indiscriminate sex or use of a condom.
Testing yourself to know your HIV status.


Plateau State HIV/AIDS Trend Over the Years:
1995- 3.8%
1999- 6.5%
2001- 8.5%
2003- 6.3%
2005- 4.9%
2008- 4.9%


Treatment Services for HIV/AIDS Patients: Plateau State has twelve ARV Sites. Click here to see the centers.

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HIV/AIDS Infection Rates  in Plateau State as at 2008

Bassa LGC

Jos North LGC

Jos East LGC

Jos South LGC

Riyom LGC
B Ladi LGC
Bokkos LGC
Mangu LGC
Pankshin LGC
Kanke LGC
Kanam LGC
Langtang North LGC
Quan'pan LGC
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